Supporting a Survivor

I have recently thought about how different my outcome may have been had my family turned away from me. I remember feeling so isolated and alienated during my marriage. Not only did I live 2.5 hours away from my family during my darkest moments, I often felt emotionally distant as well. I felt like a burden. I would bring them into my…


A Letter to My Abuser

"You found subtle ways to destroy me, yet keep me on my hands and knees begging for your love. You cannot play the victim when you were the perpetrator in every sense of the word." Dear Travis, I used to cry in pain and agony, praying one day you would apologize for what you put me through. I used to think if…


The Injunction Hearing

"I reminded him that he was under oath and asked him similar questions over again. Did you ever strangle me? He said no. Did you ever kick me? He said no. Did you ever punch me? He said no." A lot of things were going through my mind. Would he show up? Would he deny everything? Would he attempt to discredit me?…


Taking a Stand

"I am finally in a place where I am stable. I am healing. I would like the time and the space to do so without any interference from him. I ask that the court legally grant me the freedom I have been fighting for, for so long.” The last time I had spoke with Travis, I told him that if he reached…


Hearing From My Abuser

"You are telling one side of a very powerful and painful story for both of us. There are two sides to every story." It was a typical evening at home. I was checking my personal and business email while watching TV, when there it was - in black in white - taking up space in MY email. It was a message from…


The Truth

I used to walk the streets at ease,Going where I wanted as I pleased.My plans were endless, without distress,I walked around just like the rest.I went to the movies with my friends,Never expecting my peace to end.You stole my security and my innocence,All because of your impotence.Never again will I be the same,Yet, for so many reasons, I am blamed.What did I…


A Survivor Story: Ellen

TRIGGER WARNING: The contents of this story are graphic in nature. They may be hard to read or may be triggering to sexual assault survivors. Please have support readily available. Ellen is 27 and is attending graduate school for Clinical Mental Health to become a Licensed Professional Counselor. She has a passion for trauma work as well as helping people who are…


A Survivor Story: Amy R.

Amy is a mother of 4, daughter of a pastor, college educated and is pursuing an advanced degree. She is sharing her story to let others know they are not alone and that they are not wrong. “The first thing I would say and that I want to be really clear on is that I am a very pro-sex person. I am…


A Survivor Story: Kaydie

Kaydie is the fur momma to Stella, Milo and Bella. She is sharing her story so others don’t feel so alone and to educate people on the importance of counseling. My Adoptive Dad “The first time I experienced what abuse looked like was the day that my adoptive dad lost his mind. He put his hands on my mom. I was only…


My Abuser’s Name is Travis

If you go back and read my previous posts you will notice I have never provided my ex-husband's name. At first I chose to do this for a number of reasons. I was just starting my blog and putting my story out there. I felt and still feel at times, exposed and uncomfortable. Telling your story isn't an easy thing to do,…

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