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The Truth

I used to walk the streets at ease,
Going where I wanted as I pleased.
My plans were endless, without distress,
I walked around just like the rest.
I went to the movies with my friends,
Never expecting my peace to end.
You stole my security and my innocence,
All because of your impotence.
Never again will I be the same,
Yet, for so many reasons, I am blamed.
What did I wear, what did I drink?
No one sees the tears as I blink.
Maybe I asked for it because I’m a flirt,
That somehow justifies a hand up my skirt.
You alone violated my rights,
And put out my fire that burned so bright.
Nothing I did caused this to happen,
But it was my life you chose to dampen.
The louder I talk, the more people listen,
Yet, I am forever stuck in this prison.
You walk free, without any guilt,
As I pick up the pieces of everything I built.
You’ll never know the extent of your actions,
Because my every action now comes with a caption.
You can deny all you want and call me a liar,
And claim it is my aim to ruin and conspire.
At the end of the day, none of that matters,
It was my life, not yours that was shattered.
One day, people will know what you did,
And that can of worms doesn’t come with a lid.

Photo: Flickr – Tristram Biggs

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