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My Abuser’s Name is Travis G. Chartrand

If you go back and read my previous posts you will notice I have never provided my ex-husband’s name. At first, I chose to do this for a number of reasons. I was just starting my blog and putting my story out there. I felt and still feel at times, exposed and uncomfortable. Telling your story isn’t an easy thing to do, especially when you are still processing your own guilt and shame. I knew if I put Travis’ name out there, I would have to be ready to potentially face him. I knew he wouldn’t be happy with people knowing who he really is. I wasn’t prepared to handle all of that while still making sense of what happened myself.

I also used to be afraid Travis and/or his family would find out about Survivorhood and sue me for defamation and libel and for hurting his reputation. My response to that now is to go ahead. Take me to court. Bring me before a judge. It will just provide me with yet another platform to tell my story. The thing about defamation and libel is, in order to be charged with it, the other party has to prove the information is false. Not only is every single thing I have shared on Survivorhood factual, it can also be backed up with doctor’s notes and therapist records.

Today, I am no longer afraid. I have told my story enough times to realize what I have overcome. I have faced the repercussions of that relationship for 2,600 days today, with many more to come. The difference is, today Travis’ name will no longer be unknown. Today I place all of the baggage my loved ones and I have been carrying for those 2,600 days, because of him, back on his shoulders. He can carry it from now on. My shoulders are sore and tired.

***Please note that in providing his name, I do NOT condone any type of retaliation against him, his family, or his friends. ***

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  1. Anonymous

    I am so proud of you for speaking out
    And being as strong as you are you make me want to tell my story about the exact same person and the physical mental and sexual abuse that I have dealt with him as well for over 5 years you are an inspiration to me and if there’s any way you can help me tell my story I would appreciate it always you know who I am

    1. Ashley Rodencal

      I appreciate your support so much! If you would like to share your story and use Survivorhood as your platform to do so, please contact me at I would love to help you find your voice and begin to heal.

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